Roux Dinner

Roux Dinner


This is the headlining dinner celebrating our powerhouse participants as they team-up to prepare a meal that is full of flavor, inspires storytelling and provides a space for conversation about the future of women in food and beverage. The evening will start with a cocktail hour with libations from Lillet and wine will be provided by natural-wine maven, Dana Frank. The imbibing will continue as we move into a beautiful and colorful family-style dinner, prepared by Kia Damon and Salimatu Amabebe, cooking their favorite dishes, meant for sharing. Helen Jo and Jena Derman will bring the finale with a seasonally-driven dessert. 

Throughout the evening, a hosted, interactive provisions bar will be available for attendees, where they can assemble or produce a takeaway item. The bar will feature products, ingredients and textiles from our partner purveyors.

at Jacobsen Salt Co // 602 SE Salmon Street

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